How to use website structure and design for SEO in five steps. [INFOGRAPHIC]

SEO is one confusing and intimidating labyrinth. In fact, currently Google takes over 300 factors into consideration when determining search rankings. Website design and structure account for over a third of those factors. So, it’s a great place to start when looking to SEO your site. To help us all out, we’ve put together this […]

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7 Principles for Creating a Killer Mobile Experience [INFOGRAPHIC]

You’ve surely heard of the awesome power of mobile. In fact, recent data from Internet Retailer shows that upwards of 66% of eCommerce shopping happens via mobile.  We recently caught up with Tyson Hackwood of Braintree and he laid out his seven principles for creating a killer mobile experience. Check them out: 

Video thumbnail for youtube video This is one angry bird! Be careful when trying to expand your business sales into other territories [VIDEO]

This is one angry bird! As an entrepreneur, protect what’s yours. [VIDEO]

Check out this video, that’s doing the rounds on YouTube. It stars a lone magpie in Australia during the infamous swooping season (note the worm in his mouth during the first attack). For a majority of the year, magpies are fairly peaceful and endearing native birds that just have an extreme liking for shiny things. However, […]


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